A different shade of pink

Moving out of our rental house.
Moving out of our rental house.

Well, it’s happened… Kelly and I are now both working since June.  That means that Project Pink Day is over… well, sort of.

Although we are back to work, we don’t feel like it is the same.  Kelly has a job that doesn’t allow her to work a minute over 40 hours.  I have a job that is 100% work from home.

This means we will be able to stay in Breckenridge, have the time and flexibility to be with our kids, and Colorado’s playground is right outside our door.  We will continue to enjoy Breck, build upon our new friendships and enjoy mountain living.

So, we are looking at is as a “different shade of pink” for our days ahead – a shade that allows us to live life the way we want to.

What have we learned exactly?  Here are a few final thoughts…

  • grandlake
    Family reunion in Grand Lake, CO

    Life is happening right now. – As much as we are future planners, we have come to realize that no matter how badly you want your kids to stop growing or the beach vacation to never end or for the ski season to last forever – the fact is time doesn’t stop.  So, get out there – do the things you’ve always wanted to do now.  Be happy.

  • Find your happiness and go for it.  – We realize it is not the same for everyone.  We all have different ideas and reasons for what makes you happy.  Discover what that is and make it happen for you and your family.
  • Don’t let a job or the money be the reason you stay put. – Now that we are back to work, it is for a fraction of what we used to make.  But, we like the work we are doing and although the cost of living here in Breck is just as high as it was on the Northshore of Chicago…we are making it work.  So can you.
  • Kids are resilient as long as they feel loved. – To be honest the first few weeks of Pink Days on the beach were rough!  We were adjusting to being with the kids all day and them to us.  Tantrums and bad behavior we’d never seen became daily occurrences.  But, by showing them how much we loved them, making
    Family Golf Night in Breck

    amazing memories together and spending quality time soon led to a deeper connection than we could have ever imagined.

  • Make time for the #1 person in your life. –  Although it seems impossible with two young kids, it can’t always be about them.  Make sure you connect with your spouse or significant other.  Have the date nights and the occasional day dates.  It is healthy for you, your spouse and even the kids.
  • People who matter most will always stay connected. – We’ve made amazing memories with some of our closest friends during this time – largely thanks to them visiting us in Ft Myers Beach or in Breck.  But, equally we’ve reconnected with those who haven’t visited through texts, phone calls and even this blog.  True friendship means you can pick up at any time, right where you left off.

Kelly and I sincerely thank you for following us on our Project Pink Day journey.  We have treasured every moment, every phone call, every email, and every comment from each of you.




2 thoughts on “A different shade of pink

  1. So happy for you Kelly! And your journey has inspired so many of us along the way. Drop me a line when you have time and let me know what you are doing.


  2. Travis thanks for sharing this with me how inspiring and we all need this in our lives. I will miss working with you but hope to stay connected. You have a beautiful family!

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