DebbieFamily_StAug_JJFoto-72We are the Opheims…  Travis, Kelly, Zoe & Alex.

Project Pink Day really was our daughter’s doing.  Zoe loved the weekends when she could have her mommy and daddy with her all day.  She called them “pink days” because the calendar she had on the wall had the Saturday colored in pink.  She’d always ask, “Is today a pink day?”  only to be disappointed 5 days of the week when we had to go to work.

Well, after years of disappointment, we decided to do something about it.  Call us crazy, but we decided to quit our jobs and make every day a “pink day” so we could spend time with our kids.

We plan to spend the summer of 2015 in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida so that Kelly can live her dream of living on the beach.  We’ll then move to Breckenridge, Colorado to spend a year in the mountains to fulfill Travis’ dream of being a ski bum.

This website is dedicated to Zoe & Alex, who we love with all our hearts.  They’ve inspired us to be the best parents we possibly can and not let materialism or the demands of our careers determine our path.  We get to choose what is important in our lives… and we choose them!

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  1. Oh my word, you guys are the best! Just reading your intro page inspired me….. the Stone family really wishes you lots of happiness and success in your many “pink days” ahead. Look forward to hearing about your exciting adventures. Your kids must be super proud of you (as well as the other way around)! Take care.

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  2. Whaouhhhhhh! what a dream! Really impressed by the courage it takes to leave everything behind. Live your dreams and enjoy it. Big hug from Switzerland!

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  3. Congrats Opheims! We are so happy for you guys, and we can’t wait to hear about your year of adventure. Hopefully a stop in Austin can make its way onto your to-do list!!

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  4. I love your idea and can’t wait to follow your stories and pictures! I’m sure you’ll all have a fabulous time! Make the most of it 😉 Take care. Jess.

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  5. What a fabulous idea. You will have so many happy memories of this time together, and you’ll be able to share them together for the rest of your lives. Love from the UK. Em

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  6. AMAZING….what a FABULOUS IDEA and you guys have all reasons to make this dream come true! Life is too short not to cherish those great moments together. Have a fantastic break and enjoy every second of it! Greets from Zurich

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  7. Go Opheim’s! The Deerfield based “Zuerich Gang” is losing two prominent members – but be assured that I will follow the pink days adventure of the Opheim foursome … And “yes” – I will be jealous when you hit the slopes of Breckenridge! Cudos making this decision and making unforgettable memories. If not now – when??!! Take care – Sandra (oh and holler if you need chocolate, cookies or gum supplies 😉)

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  8. Congrats! You two are living my dream. I wish nothing but the best for you. I would also like to add what a pleasure it was working with you. You will be missed.

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  9. How awesome is that!!! Truly inspirational. I cant wait to hear more about your days – even though I know how I will feel when I read them 🙂 – jealous, inspired, motivated, jealous, recharged, wishing you well….Way to go Opheims!!! More power to you.

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  10. WOW how amazing. Our children want nothing more than our ‘time’ – the most prescious gift we have to give them! Love every second xx

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  11. Wow, how awesome is this, I am so jealous! I hope you have a fabulous year with your family, amazing experiences and wonderful memories … enjoy xx

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  12. You guys are so inspiring. So happy to see you having such a blast. We have realized over the past years too that material things are just things. It is not what life is about. Time with people we love is priceless. So glad you could have this time with your kiddos.

    With Love

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