Beach Life – First Week Impressions

From our point of view, Project Pink Day didn’t really start until we arrived to our new home in Ft. MyIMG_0001ers Beach. That means we’ve been “living our dream” for about 1 week.

So, what is it like to live on an island? Here are our top thoughts thus far:

  • Lots of Nakedness – for Zoe and Alex that is. As soon as we come back from the beach or pool, the swimsuits come off and all we see are little, white butts running around.
  • The Pool Rules – We have been here a week and been to the beach only twice during the day. Yep, twice. The kids are so in love with the pool that we just can’t pull them away. We have, however, made a habit of walking the beach during the sunsets almost every night.
  • We LOVE our kids – Of course all parents love their kids, but we love hanging out with them too.  They are our favorite people and we want to spend all our time together. They play together nicely and we make each other laugh throughout the day.
  • No More Outsourcing – We always felt like we were missing out on raising our own kids. Whether it was pre-school, nannies or even swim lessons, we had others IMG_0003teaching our children. Now WE are the ones working with them on letters/reading, playing card games, working on projects and teaching them how to swim. We’re engaged in their everyday and love it.
  • Cleaning Sucks – We rarely cooked at home. Our nannies would do most of the dishes and washed the kids’ (and sometimes our own) laundry. Guess that’s over now and, frankly, it sucks. But, it sucks a whole lot less than working!
  • We can live with (even) less – We arrived with an SUV full of items. It was all we “needed” for living at the beach for 3 months. After 1 week we haven’t worn half of the clothes we brought. We stuffed closets with toys and other items. Most of it we haven’t even looked at.

What we HAVE looked at are Zoe’s and Alex’s tiny hiny tan-lines, the surf, the sand and some amazing sunsets. We’ll get to all that self-improvement
stuff later.


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