Resolutions for the New Year

Kelly and I hope that you all got the chance to spend time with family and friends over the holidays. We certainly did by traveling back to Wisconsin for about 10 days to see her family and then hosting my family here in Breckenridge the week after Christmas.

It was a busy few weeks, but as we look forward into 2016 we are excited (and a bit anxious) about what the future will hold. You see Kelly and I are planners – always looking forward and charting out our next moves.

The problem is we don’t know what life will look like a few months from now. It all hinges on our ability to find work in the Breckenridge area (either within the community or a work remote situation) that will allow us to live in a fairly expensive market.

Zoe’s 6th Birthday Spa Party

But, before we worry about that, we want to ensure we take full advantage of our remaining Pink Days. Here are the top items we need to focus on – call them resolutions or just the remaining goals we have for ourselves before Project Pink Day is over…

  • Soak up the time with the kids – Zoe just turned 6 last month. Alex will be 4 in February. They are getting so big and maturing way too fast. Teaching them to ski and ice skate, introducing them to Star Wars, reading, and just continuing to be present with them is a top priority before we get back to work.
  • Give back – Kelly has started volunteering one day per week at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) office. It is a great organization that helps people with any disability get out and ski. Travis has just signed up to be a volunteer at  Mountain Mentors and will be doing 1 to 1 mentoring with a local kid.
  • Complete 100 days of skiing for me and 50 for Kelly – as of today I have skied 34 days and another 8 days with the
    Lara, Dustin, Travis & Kelly top of Peak 8 in Breck

    kids (not counting them against my 100 as I don’t ski much with them).  Kelly has 17 days in.  Let it snow!!!

  • Gotta get fit! – This is a popular one with most people and is on our list as well. I want to continue with my skiing and more backcountry adventures. Kelly is getting back into yoga and other fitness classes when not on the mountain.  She’s trying to do one active thing per day and plans to pick up cross country skiing and try snow shoeing.
  • What should we be when we grow up? – To be honest we haven’t done as much soul searching as we thought we’d do to this point. Will I go back to IT or corporate life? Should I try a startup environment? Will Kelly get another masters degree – this time in counseling psychology to be a therapist? Stay home with the kids? We need to make time to figure this all out – otherwise, it won’t happen.
  • Get organized – We want to organize our digital pictures, do another round of minimizing stuff (incredible how fast more stuff came into our lives), and tighten up our budgets.
  • Read more – This one is more for Kelly and Zoe.  Kelly has gotten into checking out books on her I-Pad Kindle app and wants to knock out a few more books.  Zoe is just learning to read and we need to help encourage her more!
  • Win the lottery – Yep, we don’t really want to go back to work, so if anyone knows the winning numbers and could pass them along… that’d be great. Haha.

So, that’s it – with a few months left before we have to start getting back to reality we need to focus on what’s important. We wish you all a wonderful New Year in 2016!

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