One last hurrah before (Kelly’s) repatriation!

IMG_4853Greetings from the beach! We are spending the kids’ Spring Break back in Fort Myers Beach at the condo we lived in all summer, owned by our lovely friend Helen.

We’ve spent the week in proper beach fashion – morning walks on the beach, making and breaking sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, swimming in the pool, grilling, tropical drinks, a trip to our favorite restaurant (SOB’s), amazing library and Sanibel Island for sea shell hunting. No dolphin sighting yet – but we have another day left!

We are slathering up with SPF 30 and 50 every morning and watching our tans come back to life. Alex looks in the mirror every morning to see if his hair has turned back to blonde. So far, he’s got some good-looking highlights!

The weather here in April is pretty spectacular… not as HOT and HUMID as it was in summer. There’s a nice breeze off the ocean and we haven’t even needed to turn on the air conditioning in the condo once! The real measure of comfort is the fact that Travis still has his mountain man beard!

IMG_9848-1Beach week is happening at the perfect time, because as of Monday… I will go back to work. Yes, I am going to have to set an alarm, shower daily (a rarity lately), do my hair and makeup (also rare) and use my brain!

My job title is “Administrative Specialist” and I will work for the Town of Breckenridge at the Recreation Center. The work is primarily recruitment and onboarding of new recreation center employees – so still in the world of HR, but nowhere near the level where I came from.

Case in point – it’s a non-exempt role and I am literally NOT ALLOWED to work over 40 hours without advanced approval.  No laptop, no email on my phone. Therefore, all work stays at work.  So basically perfect for me at this point of my life and re-entry into the workforce.

I have to punch out for a 30-minute lunch period, so I’ll take some fitness classes.  Gone are the days where I can say, “I simply didn’t have time to go to the gym today.”  I work at the gym!  I just may actually get fit!

IMG_9846-1Travis has started his job search – focusing on something bigger that fits his skill set where he can work remote from Breckenridge. He’s been networking like crazy. If he can score this unicorn, we start the house hunt! The repatriation of the Opheims back into the workforce and real life has begun. Wish us luck!

While Travis continues his job search, you will hear more from him. He’s going to catch up the blog on all of our wonderful visits from family and friends as well as a ski season recap when we are done skiing – which may not be until June as we are still at it!


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