Saying Goodbye to 1228


IMG_5516-1Friday, April 17, 2015 was the last day in our first family home. 1228 Ridgewood Drive was such a great home and we made so many great memories while living there.

After a long few days of getting ready to leave, we felt rushed in our final minutes at the house.  In those minutes, the emotions crept in and both Kelly and I had to choke back the tears, especially when thinking about this being Alex’s first home.

It was a first for us in many ways. It was our first home where…

  • Alex was welcomed to our family as a newborn
  • Travis had to mow the lawn and snow blow the driveway
  • Alex took his first steps
  • Alex fell down the steps (Kelly is still traumatized by this)
  • Zoe and Alex got big kid beds
  • Kids had play dates
  • Kids had time-outs
  • We hosted family Christmas celebrations
  • We had birthday parties
  • Santa visited by sliding down our chimney
  • A family pet passed away (RIP Mouser)

As we did the final walk through at the house, we decided to each share what was our favorite memory of each room.

Family Room – Snuggling on the couch watching shows, playing Lion King with Pride Rock made from cushions, Opheim Family Christmas parties (with now infamous Christmas Jammies – 2014).





Dining Room – Christmas dinners (pretty much all we ever used that room for anyway!)


Master Bath – Bath time!


Hall Bath – Giving lil Zoe baths


Zoe’s Room – Her first big girl bed and dance parties!


Alex’s Room – His first room, first big boy bed and late night snuggles.


Garage – Playing in the attic on the “stage”


Living Room – Making fires on cold nights with hot chocolate and art projects at the kids’ coloring table


Kitchen – Gathering spot for all celebrations (house warming/cooling, birthday parties, and beer nights)





Master Bedroom – Sleep overs and where the magic happened (ha!)


Basement – Jumping on the trampoline, running around in circles and hockey with Alex.


Yard – Tee ball, soccer and grilling steaks and brats



Our final trip down the driveway…


Yes, we will miss 1228 Ridgewood Drive.  We will hold onto the memories we made there and it will always be a part of us.  We are now officially homeless and jobless and FREE!

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