What We’ve Learned About Our Kids

By far the favorite thing that Kelly and I have experienced during Project Pink Day is getting to know our kids better. In spending all this time with them we have noticed a few things that we thought we’d share with you…IMG_3941

  • They always poop at inconvenient times – Or, as we’ve grown to call it “going pickles” because Alex at age 2 looked down and exclaimed to us, “look I made a pickle!” But they need to “pickle” at restaurants, while at the park, during a hike, just after we passed the rest area – anytime that involves mom or dad to go through the most inconvenient process to get it done.
  • When Alex wakes up, the first words out of his mouth makes us laugh. Some of our favorites –
    • I saw a pelican! (which he didn’t)
    • I want a red convertible!
    • Where’s kitty?  I think he’s the one making that crazy noise.
    • (while standing on our bed)… Look mom! I got so tall. I must have “growed” in the night!
  • For them, nothing beats outside – They constantly want to be outside playing in the snow, going for a hike and now skiing. We love experiencing it all with them all for the first time. It is creating strong bonds we know we would not have had otherwise.IMG_3904
  • They suffer from FOMO – Just like their parents they have a Fear Of Missing Out.  If we leave to go skiing without them, they throw a fit.  If we put them to bed and hear laughter, they’ll peak their heads out.  Just last night we were watching episode 3 of Star Wars and they were yelling from their room “we can hear the light savers”.  Yeah, they say light “savers” instead of sabers.
  • They have big hearts – Alex gets all sweet when Kelly starts crying when watching a sad movie.  He’s been known to say that there is “water in his eyes” when it happens.  Zoe says she misses us while she’s at school, likes to tell us that we “melt her heart” and she is the best snuggle bug in the world – always creating little nests to cuddle in right by us.
  • They’d rather sleep in our bed – Apparently we now have a “family bed”.  Guaranteed even though we put them to bed in their own room, we will get 2 little visitors in the night that crawl into our king sized bed.  Not the best for Kelly and I to get sleep, but we are rewarded with the best snuggles.  We are just going to enjoy it because one day it won’t be like this anymore.


Of course there is a lot more we notice on a daily basis, but these are the ones that really stand out.  We are very grateful for this time with our kids.

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