A Year Off With Our Kids

DebbieFamily_StAug_JJFoto-31“Enjoy the time with your kids while you can!  It all goes so fast!”  For those of you with young kids, you know that comment all too well.  Whenever we heard it, we felt guilty.  You see like many other dual career couples, our kids (Zoe, 5 and Alex, 3) spent the majority of their waking hours in someone else’s care.  Parental outsourcing – a necessity to support 2 corporate, global careers.

A year ago Travis and I vacationed in the Rocky Mountains for a long weekend without the kids.  We sat in sun chairs on the slopes with beers in hand contemplating life.  We talked about how short life could be, how our kids are at a prime age to do something a bit out of the ordinary and even though our lives on paper sound awesome… we aren’t feeling awesome.  We thought there has GOT to be more to life than working to live and living in a place where you only get a quarter of the year to enjoy the outdoors.   We talked about our bucket lists – Travis has always wanted to be a ski bum for a season and I’ve always wanted to live on the beach.

Then we started asking the question – “what if?”  What if we both quit our jobs and didn’t work for a year?  What if we eliminated all the clutter  – our house, the stuff in it, extra car?  What if we could spend a quality time with the kids before they start school?  What if we budget ourselves to be able to financially make this work?  What if we lived our dreams in the process?  Then we said, “Why Not?!”

So, today is my last day at work – after 14 years with the same company, I am cashing out and walking away with great experience, a load of memories and great friends made along the way.  Travis will follow in a month and our dream will become a reality.  We sold the house and now I am in charge of selling the contents.   We are taking one year off of work with our kids – beach and mountains here we come!  Now here come the cliches…  You only live once.  Life’s too short.

As we’ll have nothing but time on our hands, we’ll capture our adventures on this site – dedicated to the loves of our lives, Zoe and Alex.


6 thoughts on “A Year Off With Our Kids

  1. Wow! Maybe now we can plan a visit but how do we get to see you before you leave Illinois! Come hang in Evanston for a day before your venture begins!!!

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  2. WOW! So great for you guys! If you make it through Madison on your adventures, you have a (free) place to stay. Good luck! – Kendra and Mark

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  3. It is such a serendipity, that I looked at your Facebook garage sale, looking for an item to put in my new home to start my Airbnb. I did not get the item, but I came to your website and feeling so excited for you. And I admire and support you as I have been wanting to do the same for so long! I have met a couple named John and Lisa in 2009, they did the same. And they live on half of their incomes than when what they had before but they were such inspiration. they encouraged me but I have been taking only baby steps for the past 5 years. Still I am proud of my baby steps. And thank you to family like yours, just make me feel I can do it too.
    Here is John and Lisa’s little inn in Wisconsin on Facebook. They wrote a couple of books together and home schooled their son who has now grown into a quite accomplished young boy.
    you probably can find most of their books, stories through their page. I look forward to hear about your adventure. Best wishes.

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