Why is it called “Project Pink Day”?


Our daughter Zoe had a calendar she used everyday to learn days of the week, counting the numbers, etc.  The background to the word Saturday on the calendar was pink.  She started to associate the first day of the weekend (meaning mommy and daddy don’t have to work) as a Pink Day.  Every day in the morning, she would ask us if it was a Pink Day.  Most days – the answer was no, and the saddest face would look back at us.

So, when we hatched our scheme to quit our jobs and spend a year off with our kids, we said every day would be a Pink Day.  Project Pink Day was born.

We were able to tell Zoe and Alex that they will get a WHOLE YEAR of pink days!  Not sure if they understand how long that is – but they sure are excited to learn about it.

3 thoughts on “Why is it called “Project Pink Day”?

  1. OMG! This is the best idea ever!!! I am so jealous. Typing this post from our 4 weeks vacation in Australia which is coming to the end. Literally sitting in our hotel room in Sydney, just 30 minutes before departure….back home…back to reality.
    Wishing you ONLY the VERY BEST and ENJOY!!

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  2. Bravo! You are my heroes and I have so much respect for your values. Family is everything. Get ready for the best year of your lives! Love you guys!

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